No Where to Hide: Falling Victim to These Apps


When Andre, a good friend and big supporter of my blog, came to me and said I should list the apps that victims should watch out for, I was hesitant. I kept thinking to myself, “Do I really want to make a blog that lists all these terrible apps? What if an abuser reads my app and gets the idea to use it again his partner?”  I mulled over this guilt I was feeling for a couple days.

Then I began to wonder whether keeping silent would harm victims more. Isn’t the point of “breaking the silence” to shine light to the experiences of victims? What if sharing these apps will make victims pay more attention to what is being downloaded on the phone? What if, in an ideal world, it changes developer’s opinions on their apps and makes them add more security to protect people from the misuse of their app?

Through all my dreaming of changing the world in 1000 words or less – I decided to break the silence and bring light to apps that have been abused by people to control and have power over their victims. So thanks Andre for the wonderful idea!


In my blog, Digital Abuse: 3 Ways to stop being a victim,  I discussed digital abuse and showed victims how they can better protect themselves from being monitored by their abusers. Today, I want to shine light on the many apps that abusers can use during this process. Please note: Many times these applications are made to help better our lives in some way. It is not the app creators fault that abusers have decided to manipulate them for their gain.



Tracker Apps

Some of the most commonly misused phone apps by abusers are tracker apps. They want to know where their victim is and at what time. The abuser has to keep up an image of omnipotence that scares their partner into believing they can’t do anything without him knowing. 




Spy Apps

“There is nothing worse than a good spy app.. “

I could spend all day listing the various Spy Apps available online. Instead I chose to pick out a few key ones that signify the different extremes. HOW a developer can claim that they had good intentions when creating these apps, is beyond me! Just reading about what these apps can do gives me the willies. 


If you want to truly understand how fragile and exposed each of us are in this world than read Davey Alba’s article Look Who’s Talking: Creepiest Apps for Phones, Facebook, More. 

How to Protect yourself

If you find any questionable apps on your phone then listen to Susan Kennedy’s advice how to best get rid of it.
1. Back Up Your Phone

2. Do a Factory Reset or Update Your Phone


To save yourself from spyware in the future:

1. Use a unique Passcode Lock Feature, like I suggested on my blog Digital Abuse: 3 Way to Stop Being a Victim

2. Use a password app

3. Install a security app, like Lookout Mobile Security


Digital abuse comes in so many different forms. Being knowledge about what threats are out there is the first step to stopping them. 


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